The following oil and gas training courses will be run by the Africa Centre for Energy Policy (ACEP) for the year 2013. ACEP is an Energy Policy think tank based in Accra providing advisory services in the energy sector to Governments, Private Sctor and International Donor Agencies. ACEP also undertakes energy policy research, analysis and policy advocacy aimed at influencing energy policy making in Africa for the efficient and sustainable management of the continent’s vast energy resources.

These courses will be taught by experienced policy and industry practitioners and Academics drawn from both local and international organizations who are associated with ACEP.
All courses involve practical sessions and assignments.


The course is aimed at empowering operators in the downstream petroleum industry to understand the dynamics of the market, identify new areas for improving on their operations and maximizing profits. The high level of competition in the petroleum product markets requires operators in the market to understand strategic options for becoming a major player in the market.

The course will cover the following areas:
1. Introduction to Downstream Petroleum Markets
2. Strategic Marketing
3. International Oil and Gas Markets
4. Petroleum Downstream Economics

Date: 1 – 5 July 2013

Fees: US$1600 or equivalent (Covering tuition, lunch, snacks and certificate)


Financial and investment analysis of the oil and gas industry has become very important for emerging oil and gas producers and businesses as well as business and investment analysis must prepare themselves adequately to understand the industry economics. The oil and gas industry is a risky one, and risk management must form an important part of managing the industry. This course will prepare participants to understand thee economics of the industry, the investment environment and  decision-making.

The course will cover
1. Fundamentals of the oil and gas industry
2. Fundamentals of Finance
3. International Oil and Gas Markets
4. Investment Appraisal in the oil and gas industry

Date:  5-9 August, 2013

Fees: US$1600 or equivalent (Covering tuition, lunch, snacks and certificate)




Africa is fast becoming an important hydrocarbon basin in a world where there is no cheap oil any more. In order to maximize their investments and oil and gas wealth, investors and Governments are engaged in hundreds of negotiations of oil and gas contracts. The demand for contract advisors is therefore on the increase. This course is to provide practitioners and potential contract advisors the understanding of international oil and gas contracts, the triggers for benefit maximization and ptential landlines in oil and gas contracts. The course will also help policy makers and tax authorities to monitor petroleum agreements and to audit them based on contractual terms.
The course will cover
1. Fundamentals of the oil and gas industry
2. Petroleum Fiscal Regimes And new trends
3. Design of International Oil and Gas Contracts

Date: 2-6 September, 2013

Fees: US$1600 or equivalent (Covering tuition, lunch, snacks and certificate)


Petroleum wealth management has become very challenging for petroleum resource rich countries, most of whom have become victims of the oil curse. This is either due to wrong diagnosis of the macroeconomic environment of oil economies or poor prescription of policies to address the destabilizing impact of volatile oil prices. The course will deepen the understanding of policy makers and market and investment operators in oil economies on options from diagnosing the macroeconomic effects of petroleum wealth and policy choices for addressing them.
The course will cover
1. Fiscal Management In oil rich economies
2. Dutch Disease – Theory and Application
3. Petroleum Funds and FIscal Rules

Date: 7- 11 October, 2013

Fees: US$1600 or equivalent (Covering tuition, lunch, snacks and certificate)

Financial and investment analysts
Financial institutions
Oil and Gas Accountants
Managers of Oil Marketing Companies
Managers of Oil Trading Companies
Mangers of petroleum retail outlets
Marketing practitioners
Academics and Students
Tax Officials
Policy makers
Petroleum Regulators
Investment Analysts
Civil Society Groups
Financial and Economic Journalists
Parliamentarians and other oversight bodies
International Donor Agencies

To register, contact MR. BENJAMIN BOAKYE for a registration form on the following addresses:

Telephone: 0207952471 or 0245002880



Date: Oct. 7, 2013 - Oct. 11, 2013