The Africa Centre for Energy Policy has been working on influencing policies on natural resource extraction to ensure efficient and transparent management for equitable and sustainable development. It is trite knowledge that Ghana has been mining minerals for over a century but not much can be said of its impact on socio-economic development.


In the light of challenges in the management of Ghana’s extractive resources, ACEP initiated the sustainable iron ore project aimed at ensuring efficient and transparent management of our natural resources for equitable and sustainable development. Part of the objectives is to ensure that Ghana learns from its past failures of not being able to translate the vast solid resources such as gold, diamond, bauxite that Ghana is endowed with into sustainable development. Also, ACEP in its quest to achieve transparency and efficient utilization of extractive resources believes that these ‘new resources’ which might be exploited in the near future require stakeholder collaboration including Civil society to ensure that the host communities do not suffer negative consequences of exploitation of these natural resources. 


Fortunately, Ghana discovered significant deposits of about 1.3 billion tonnes of iron ore in the Tatale-Sangule District of the Northern region. This gives Ghana the chance to right all its wrongs and leverage on this new resource for development. What’s more, there is a window for influencing and advocating for new policies and regulations such as the Mineral Revenue Management Act with the new is a new government. This is all geared towards the maximisation of Ghana’s benefits from iron ore.


As part of the sustainable mining initiative, ACEP, in partnership with OSIWA has developed two technical papers, namely: The Policy gaps analysis and fiscal benchmarking. ACEP with support from OSIWA is organising a national level stakeholder forum to discuss how government policies on the exploitation of these ‘new mineral resources’ can support sustainable development financing. The purpose of the forum is to bring together stakeholders to deliberate on their roles in helping to achieve development using these new resources especially.




The objective of the forum is to:


             Deliberate on the roles of stakeholders to ensure that Ghana maximizes benefits from mineral resource extraction.


             Make recommendations that will influence government policies on mineral extraction in Ghana.




There will be two presentations: one on leveraging Ghana’s natural mineral resources for development and the other, on the findings of policy gaps and fiscal benchmarking undertaken by ACEP on the sheini iron ore mining project.  This will then be followed by discussions and recommendations by participants.










Participants will be drawn from the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, Ministry of Environment Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Local Government, Minerals Commission, Chamber of Mines, Environmental Protection Agency, Precious Minerals Marketing Company, Multilateral Mining Integrated Project, Forestry Commission, Lands Commission and Civil Society Organizations such as WACAM, CEPIL,EITI,NRGI,ASMAN, CICOL and CEIA.




Time: 9:00 am

Venue: Mensvic Hotel

Date: Aug. 9, 2017