Activity Profile

As part of the efforts towards improving policy and practice for smallholder agriculture in Ghana, ACEP with sponsorship from Oxfam will be organising a policy dialogue forum.  The purpose of the forum is to bring together stakeholders to dialogue on pro poor policies and practices funded with oil revenues targeted at smallholder agriculture in Ghana, the real impact of these policies on small holder farmers on the ground and suggestions.


The objective of the workshop is to:

  • Encourage dialogue between government officials and grassroot farmers on how to improve policies and practices in the agric sector.
  • Give ears to the impacts of pro-poor policies and programs on smallholder farmers.
  • Look at ABFA allocation to the agric sector, the challenges and how to address them.



There will be presentations from Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana on the real impacts of oil funded pro poor policies and programs on smallholder farmers in Ghana, Ministry of Food and Agriculture on government interventions targeted at smallholder agriculture so far and Africa Centre for Energy Policy on ABFA allocation to the agric sector, the challenges so far andrecommendations.



There will be 60 participants including 15 media houses. Participants would be drawn from civil society organisations working on the GROW project (Oxfam, GTLC, WILDAF, FONG,DAA,CICOL), other agric based Civil Society organisations, Parliamentary select committees on Finance and Agric,   Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Ministry of Finance, Crop research institute, student unions, faith based organisations, women based organisations, disable association. 

Time: 9:00

Venue: Golden Tulip

Date: May 31, 2016