An Evidence Based Impact Study Of Oil Funded Irrigation Projects

2018 Africa Oil Governance Summit Report

Pushing The Agenda For Women Empowerment Through Budgeting. A Comparative Analysis Of Policies And Practices In Ghana, Nigeria, And Tanzania.

Africa Oil Governance Summit Report, 2017

Petroleum Revenue Management Manual

Understanding The Concept Of Beneficial Ownership Disclosure

Tax Administration And Tax Evasion In Ghana: The Challenges, Causes, And Cures.

Illicit Financial Flows And The Extractive Industry In Ghana

Making Every Pesewa Count In Managing Ghana's Oil Revenue: The Role Of Value For Money Audit

A Value For Money Analysis of ABFA Funded Educational Projects in Three Senior High Schools

Rolling Back The Gains Of Upstream Open Contracting; The Case Of Revenue Mismanagement

Reviving The Sleepy Vision: An Evaluation of The Implementation Status of The Africa Mining Vision

2015 Africa Oil Governance Summit Report

Petroleum Contracts Monitor, 2017: A Public Interest Report

Pressing The Undo Button; A Policy Gap Analysis Of Ghana’s Minerals And Mining Sector To Optimize Gains From The Sheini Iron Ore Wealth

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