A Value For Money Analysis of ABFA Funded Educational Projects in Three Senior High Schools

Rolling Back The Gains Of Upstream Open Contracting; The Case Of Revenue Mismanagement

Reviving The Sleepy Vision: An Evaluation of The Implementation Status of The Africa Mining Vision

2015 Africa Oil Governance Summit Report

Petroleum Contracts Monitor, 2017: A Public Interest Report

Pressing The Undo Button; A Policy Gap Analysis Of Ghana’s Minerals And Mining Sector To Optimize Gains From The Sheini Iron Ore Wealth

Policy Brief- The Potential Fiscal Contribution Of The Sheini Iron Ore Deposits In Northern Ghana

The Implementation Of Ghana’s Local Content Regulations In The Upstream Sector; Achievements, Challenges And Way Forward

Oiling The Wheels Of Quality Education In Ghana: A Value For Money Analysis Of Oil Revenue Investments In Dabaabi M/A Primary School And Nsesereso R/C Primary School

Final Report- Africa Oil Governance Summit 2016

Illicit Financial Flows And The Extractive Industry

Policy Brief - Simplified Contract

Policy Brief - Comparative Analysis Of Local Content In Ghana, Angola And Nigeria

Policy Brief - Africa Oil Governance Report 2016

Value for Money Analysis of Oil Funded Agriculture Projects: A Case Study of Tono Irrigation Dam and Fisheries College Anomabo.

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